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You know those moments when you see a smile beaming across your child’s face and you know you did something right? That is Socceropolis! Our daughter started last fall and to say she “LOVED” it seems insufficient. Coach Milton is a gift. He keeps them laughing and learning and makes it look easy, he clearly loves what he does. Thank you Coach Milton for everything you do and the energy and passion you do it with. The kids adore you and Socceropolis (and the parents do too).

Rachael, daughter 5 years

Coach Milton provides a fantastic program for all of the children involved in Socceropolis. Our son met coach Milton at a neighborhood birthday party, and was immediately hooked. He loves playing soccer, and specifically requested to have his birthday party with Coach Milton.  The party was excellent. Our son had a wonderful time, and got to spend so much time with his friends from preschool playing soccer and other fun games that really made his day. Coach Milton was fantastic at incorporating older siblings and cousins, and encouraging kids of all abilities to participate and have a great time. We love Socceropolis!

My kids love Socceropolis and Coach Milton is the best! Class sizes are limited which allows Coach Milton to give each child individual lessons during class. Coach Milton also encourages everyone to play, getting even the most shy and reserved kids out on the field. As a parent, I love that registration is super easy (all on-line) and the communication from the company is exceptional. My son, who has been taking soccer at Socceropolis for 2.5 years, loves to go (no nagging to get ready!) and has made huge strides in the sport. My daughter, who is not old enough to play, is super excited for the time when she can play soccer with Coach Milton. If that isn’t what you are looking for in a youth soccer program, I don’t know what is!

Eric, Sons 6th Birthday Party

Bre, Son 5 years

Socceropolis is an amazing soccer program for younger children. While West Hartford has a successful recreational & travel program for school aged children, there was always a void for kids  ages 3+, until Socceropolis came along. Coach Milton provides a terrific foundation for soccer skills, engages the kids and most importantly makes it FUN! His passion for the game shines through, whether he’s teaching a class or doing a birthday party. Kids who take Socceropolis love Coach Milton; he becomes the “soccer superstar” in the kids’ eyes. I highly recommend Socceropolis, for the coaching, convenient West Hartford location and strong soccer skill foundation!

Katie, Daughter 8 years

Thanks to you “Coach Milton” for a great camp and class experience. Johnny is growing up before my very eyes and your positive, energetic influence is having a lot to do with that. Thank you so much for all you do!

Socceropolis is the highlight of Jaden’s week. He gets so excited about playing that he pleads to wear his shin guards and shoes to school and takes such pride in his t-shirt. If he could take coach milton on vacation he would. This has been a wonderful fun way to help with his self esteem, team player skills while teaching him to enjoy a really fun sport.

Shamsah, Son 5 years

Sabrina, Son 5 years

In 7 years of doing various kids’ classes in Los Angeles, Socceropolis is my favorite program. Coach Milton has a very unique gift that allows him to relate to kids in such a special way. He gives the kids so much self-confidence and he has so much fun that the kids don’t even realize they are staying in shape and learning the fundamentals of soccer.

Kristen, Daughter 4 years

Our 3 year old son Caden started Socceropolis, with no knowledge of soccer whatsoever. In a very short time, Coaches Milton taught him the fundamentals, got him to enjoy being on the field, and taught him how to dribble, kick and laugh while playing soccer. Caden loves coming to class and eagerly looks forward to enrolling in the next session. We have greatly enjoyed Socceropolis and recommend it highly.

We’re so happy Socceropolis was Ben’s first intro to soccer(and organized sports in general). He has developed a strong foundation of skills, an understanding of sportsmanship, teamwork, and a true love of the game.

Gary, Son 3 years

Rob and Margaret, Daughter 3 years, Son 5 years

We had the most amazing soccer party! The kids were busy from the moment they got there. First the kids played soccer and then they went into great ‘old school’ games we grew up with — from potato sack races, tug-a-war, to a nicer version of water balloons, topping it off with a HUGE soccer ball piñata that the kids kicked opened. All the kids felt included and Coach Milton has so much energy — and on top of that he remembers all the kids’ names! All the kids leave feeling great and wiped out!

Elana, Daughter 5 years,

Son 3 years

Socceropolis is without a doubt the best way for your child to really learn the skills of soccer. If you are tired of “parent coaching” in soccer leagues and your kids are interested in the game, do yourself a favor and have them learn from Coach Milton, an ex-pro with a huge following. His classes include conditioning, drills, skills, and scrimmages. Socceropolis is the top in the field!

We feel really fortunate to have discovered Socceropolis. Our son always looks forward to the start of a new session and getting to see Coach Milton. He is very positive and always supportive in his instructions and has really helped him develop a love for soccer. The classes and camps have made him a much better player while keeping the focus on having fun.

Alec & Stephanie, Son 6 years

Robin, Son 6 years

EVERY single day, our son wakes up and asks, Is it a soccer day? Milton does such a great job with the kids, everyone feels right at home from the first day. You can’t fake the kind of connection that Milton has with the kids. He genuinely enjoys what he’s doing and the kids can tell. It makes a difference to the kids and the parents.

Andy, Son 4 years

Socceropolis isn’t just a place to gain valuable soccer skills – it’s also where my daughter learned how to be a team player, how to give the game her personal best and how to persevere on good days and bad. Those kind of life skills are priceless.

One word to describe Coach Milton would be ‘AWESOME!’ We had such an excellent all around experience with Socceropolis. Coach Milton provide a safe, happy, positive and energetic, interactive learning experience for all involved environment. He has a whole hearted and loving dedication to the children and the parents. Each child is supported and guided according to their own best interests in a caring and thoughtful manner. We can only give Socceropolis our highest recommendation, respect and gratitude for their program.

Cathy & Peter, Son 4 years

Heidi, Daughter 5 years


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